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6 Ways to Organize Your Home Office and Boost Your Productivity

Working from home has its advantages. No morning commute means you have more time to catch up on your emails, work out and spend your personal time wisely.

But when your home office is unorganized, it can be tough to stay focused while working remotely. Who can pay attention in a Zoom meeting when you have a disheveled pile of papers staring at you?

Here are six ways to organize your home office in order to calm your mind and boost your productivity.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Discard Useless Paperwork

It’s easy to let paperwork overrun your home office. You throw a single piece of paper on your desk, and in just a few days, that paper turns into overwhelming clutter.

The first step to organizing your home office is to separate your paperwork into four piles: recycle, shred, keep or take immediate action.

  • Recycle: If there’s no important information on the paper, you can recycle it.

  • Shred: Does the paper have personal details on it, like contact or financial information? Be sure to shred it.

  • Keep: You can file this paper in its proper organizer later.

  • Take Immediate Action: If you have a paper that needs attention right away, like an upcoming bill, leave this paper on your desk or in a space where you’ll remember to take care of it in a timely manner.

Label Important Office Papers

Now that you’ve recycled the large pile of paperwork that was sitting in your home office, it’s time to properly store and label your important papers. Invest in a filing cabinet, where you can organize all of your files. Another option is to set up a shelving unit or bookcase, and stack decorative bins on each level.

Then, be sure to add a label on the organization unit. This way, you’ll remember where you stored everything, and find what you’re looking for quickly.

Arrange Your Books into Categories

Books can make a home office look professional. However, when there are too many that are sporadically placed throughout the room, it can look a bit chaotic.

To organize your office, arrange your books into categories on your shelves and bookcase. You can sort them by color, size or genre — it’s up to you to decide what you think will be the easiest structure for you!

Utilize Your Office’s Wall Space

Running out of storage on your office’s floor? Take advantage of its walls! Buy floating shelves for your books, plants and other office decorations, and put up wall hooks to hang your work calendar. You can also use a wall grid to clip photos and notes with important reminders, as well as hang lightweight plants.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Insert Organizers into Your Desk’s Drawers

If the pencil holder on your office’s desk is overflowing with supplies, insert an organizer for your drawers. You can neatly store all of your extra pens, highlighters and rulers for easy access and a sleek look.

Design a Printing Station in Your Office

Are you printing a million papers every day? It may be a smart idea to create a designated printing station.

Whether your printer is on your desk or on a separate table, place a bin near it that’s full of extra printing paper, as well as supplies you may need for quick access, like scissors, paper clips and a stapler. (Keep an extra box of staples nearby too!) Having a printing zone will make it easier for you to grab what you need!

Need help organizing your home office? Let Closets by Corson help! As New Jersey’s top home organization service, I’ll provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss how we can straighten up your space. Take a look at my blog for more home organization tips and tricks!


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